What is a lei po'o?

A lei po'o (sometimes referred to as a haku or haku lei) is a lei worn on your head. What is a lei, you ask? A lei in Hawai'i is a garland made up of flowers and can be strung, braided or wrapped together.


How Long is the workshop?

From beginning to end, the workshop is two hours long. 


What do I bring?

We provide all of the materials you need, so just bring yourself and invite a friend! Oh, and maybe bring a camera/phone because you're going to want to document this, I promise you!


What skill level do I need to attend?

No skill needed whatsoever. We welcome all levels of lei makers! For expert lei makers: you will enjoy being able to show up to the event and have all of your materials right at hand. For others, if you’ve never made a lei before, don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the process. 


OK, I’m in. Now, how do I host a Lei Po'o party?

Great choice. For hosting your own private party, please check out our “Host a Private Party” page and fill out the form to give us more info on your event. From there, we will give you a quote and answer any questions you may have.


What if I don’t want to host my own lei po'o party, but I’d still like to learn how to make one?

Our PUBLIC workshops are for you! We host one public workshop on island (Kaua'i) a month and the tickets sell out quickly, so if you're thinking about it, grab them quick! The best way to find out about them is to give us a follow on Instagram: @theleicollective .